Niederrhein Region: one step ahead


The business location Niederrhein region – can count on a respectable amount of competitive investment conditions plus a high-performance infrastructure on land, by water and by air. As well as being centrally placed marketwise it also offers a high quality of life. This framework has produced a robust economic structure with creative, innovative companies capable of being competitive in global markets. You should get to know the location Niederrhein better.

Foreign companies in the Niederrhein region


A total of 11,000 foreign companies are located in the Niederrhein area, of which 2,700 are registered in the company register (Handelsregister or HR). Ranking amongst the top 3 countries of origin of these HR companies are those from the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. The brochure analyses foreign direct investment in the location Niederrhein according to origin and branch of industry and gives examples of such companies.