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GEMO G. Moritz GmbH & Co. KG is a family business which has been successfully passed down three generations. The name GEMO stands for GEbrüder MOritz, for GEMO was founded in 1922 in Berlin by Bruno Moritz and his brothers. Detlev G. Moritz is the founder's grandson and now manages the entire company, which is based in four locations.

British police and the boom in the automobile industry at the beginning of the 1920's paved the way for today's success. Back then the flexible shaft became indispensable as the drive shaft for speedometers. All mechanical speedometers need flexible shafts for transmission.

One of the first customers was the Vogtländische Maschinenfabrik AG (VOMAG), which manufactured trucks and buses. But it was the first major customer, the KdF-Wagen, the precursor to the Volkswagen Beetle, that assured GEMO its breakthrough.

Today the Krefeld company still produces flexible shafts – as well as drive, adjusting and worm shafts and control cables – for speedometers, for example as spare parts for the VW Beetle.

In 1949 the family fled with some of the machines to a company it knew in Witten an der Ruhr, and when this location became too small it moved to Krefeld in 1953. In Krefeld they had a hall with compressed air, a rail link and 360 volts of high-voltage current. For the founder these were key criteria for a new location – alongside the high quality of life that Krefeld already offered back then. The GEMO hall in Duisburger Straße was sold in 1970. It is situated on what are now the Bayer grounds in Chempark, but is still called the GEMO hall. Since then GEMO has been based in the Bockum-Nord business park.

Today GEMO is one of 200 developers of Daimler, and it supplies Porsche and many other notable car manufacturers worldwide. GEMO parts can be found in the systems for sunroofs and seat adjustments and anywhere where power needs to be transmitted. GEMO parts have also for a long time now been found not only in vehicles but also in machine construction, rail technology, process engineering, window construction, medical technology and in many other areas. The developers at GEMO are constantly looking for new solutions

Although in the beginning GEMO stood for GEbrüder MOritz, Detlev Moritz today prefers to explain the company name with Global Growth, Evolution, Manufacturing Excellence and Organization of staff. The 54-year-old, who began by studying engineering and later studied and qualified in business management, today employs 210 staff in his company, in Krefeld as well as Berlin. In 1991 a joint venture in England was founded and in 2004 a second autonomous branch opened in Poland. Cooperation in Shanghai and setting up a production site in Mexico are the next steps.


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