The district of Kleve: On the Dutch border – by land, by water and from the air

Success orientated, a strong exporter and with 600 hectares of freely available industrial real estate: the district of Kleve is “the” place to invest.

The district is a logistics region in the north west of North Rhine-Westphalia on the threshold to the Netherlands with the motorways A 3, A 40, and A 57 providing an optimal connection to an international network of transport routes.

The volume of turnover in the harbour of Emmerich on the Rhine is particularly dynamic. Consequently there is considerable investment in the expansion of the attractive plots of land and services on offer. The establishment of BLG Logistic, providing European logistic services for Konica-Minolta Business Solution Europe GmbH, who moved their central European sales location from Bremen to Emmerich, is a convincing example of how favourable a location the Niederrhein can be. Konica-Minolta take advantage of being near to the Netherlands, having direct access to the harbour of Rotterdam and the flexible services available in Emmerich.

Weeze Airport – a symbol of positive development

The trend in the number of passengers using Weeze Airport has developed unexpectedly. Not so long ago the airport manager was hoping to reach the milestone of one million passengers per annum. Currently 1.8 million people head to Weeze Airport for their take-offs and landings. Over 40 destinations throughout Europe and North Africa offer business people and tourists an attractive spring-board for their journeys. This is a fantastic development for a flagship project and provides a symbol for the progress made in the Kleve area.

Attractive plans for the future in all parts of the area

People in North Rhine-Westphalia watch with interest the development of the administrative area of the town of Kleve. It is namely here that the “Hochschule Rhein-Waal” (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences) in which 150 million Euros have been invested, offers 6,000 young students a career prospective.

Right at the top of the agenda for Kleve is the revitalisation of the harbour which is connected by canals and an arm of the old Rhine with the largest waterways of Europe. Development will be carried out close to the city covering issues such as housing, employment, retailing, the service sector and tourism.

Investors on the lookout for attractive challenges and who have a sure feeling for profitable future projects will find them in Goch as well as in Emmerich. Former German armed forces barracks are waiting for fresh ideas on how they can be put to alternative use.

The ducal town of Geldern is already further down the road towards realising its plans for converting former railway sites. The new public authority building with an Inland Revenue office and a police station will be connected to the inner city by a new underpass. Further plots of land will be developed and put on the market as from now.

Here you can find more information about the District of Kleve.


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