The aim of undertaking the potential analysis of a company and their employees is to support the employer and their workforce, thereby ensuring competitiveness and employment in the future.

Employee evaluation relies on teamwork and always includes the participation of the workforce. Ultimately the knowledge, talents and skills of the workforce, especially for small and middle-sized companies, is their most important asset.  

Companies have a free choice of which consultant to use.
The daily cost of using a consultant is subsidized up to a maximum of 500 Euros per day.

The service may be used up to a maximum of 10 days.

With the aid of potential analysis, businesses can follow five main subject areas to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as developing company specific solutions.

• Work organisation
This can include the creation and control of structures and processes in the workplace, application of optimised working time models, internal and external communications and co-operation and the introduction of innovative procedures for obtaining orientation in new markets for  products or customers.

• Skills development
Topics may cover human resource development, obtaining qualifications, strengthening training capability and innovation through competent employees.

• Demographic change
In particular this includes knowledge management, age–appropriate work organisation and arranging working times so that especially older employees are able to carry on working for a longer time and in good health.

• Digitalisation
This relates in particular to the planning of work and technology.

• Health
For example this might be the introduction of a sustainable company health management system and a work-life balance.

Funding for obtaining potential analysis requires an up-front obligatory counselling interview, at which time a Counselling-Check can be issued.




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