There is a location for you in the Niederrhein

You are looking for real estate or commercial property? Well here is a selection of current offers from our cities and districts. By narrowing down your search criterion the data base will show you the most suitable properties. We provide the name of a contact person in each case, however you are at liberty to contact us first if you prefer.

  • Kaarst: Gewerbepark Kaarster Kreuz Attractive commercial site in a prime location

    Directly adjacent to IKEA’s new fl agship project “More Sustainable Store”, further development of the Kaarster Kreuz business park is currently being undertaken. On this site covering an area of 10 ha sustainability is given special consideration.

    • 10 ha commercial site
    • Flexible plot subdivision possible
    • Access to Autobahn A 57
    • Within walking distance of local train S 28
    • Available as from 2018



    Stadt Kaarst - Wirtschaftsförderung
    Sven Minth, Christoph Schnier
    Am Neumarkt 2
    41564 Kaarst
    Tel.: +49 2131 / 98 74 21


  • Kalkar: 30,000 m² Seegrundstück Wissel quarter. Hotel and spa on the lake

    The hotel property has 350 m of lakefront. Areas have been assigned for hotel, sport and spa facilities as well as green spaces. In the surrounding area there are recreational opportunities such as the historic city center Kalkar, the natural open-air swimming pool at the lake with camp site and the Wunderland Kalkar recreational park. The Niederrhein region is also ideal for hiking and cycling.

    • Good transport connections, A 3 and A57, nearby Airports Weeze and Düsseldorf
    • Central location between Randstad and the Ruhr region
    • Close to the Dutch market, international character of border region



    Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Kalkar mbH
    Frank Sundermann
    Markt 20
    47546 Kalkar
    Tel.: +49 2824 / 13-190




  • Kalkar: Burg Boetzelaer Hotel investor wanted

    Boetzelaer Castle, which is over 760 years old and protected as a historical monument, is one of the oldest and most important moated castles in the German-Dutch border area and is looking for an investor. The location allows the building to be extended as a hotel from 20 to 100 beds, including full catering and the necessary ancillary facilities and parking spaces. The castle is located in green surroundings, but is easily accessible between the A 3 and A 57 Autobahns. A small adjacent park on Boetzelaer Lake is one of the highlights, along with the impressive recent refurbishment and partial restoration. The preliminary planning has already been agreed with the monument authorities. An approved preliminary notice from the Kleve District is available.



    Burg Boetzelaer
    Maximilian Freiherr von Wendt
    Reeser Straße 247
    47546 Kalkar
    Tel.: +49 28 24 / 97 79 90


  • Kalkar: Ehemaliger Molkereistandort Warehouse / production building with office (approx. 61,000 m²)
    • Modern energy supply
    • Office approx. 470 m², warehouse / production approx. 24,000 m²
    • Land: approx. 61,119 m²
    • Excellent transport connections to Autobahns A 3 and A 57 and the airports Düsseldorf and Weeze
    • With its own well, the site is ideally suited to the food-, juiceand drinks industries as well as the logistics sector in general
    • Markets: Ruhr area and the Netherlands



    FrieslandCampina Corporate Center
    Gerard T. Menting
    Director Corporate Organizational Development
    Tel.: +31 33 / 71 33 333



  • Kalkar: Gewerbepark Kalkar-Kehrum Industry and business in natural surroundings
    • Allocated as: commercial and industrial zone
    • Developed
    • Transport connections: Autobahns A 3 and A 57
    • Airports Düsseldorf and Weeze
    • Markets: Ruhr area and Netherlands
    • Companies settling here mainly from the following sectors: food, metal, construction industry, vehicle construction, health, horticulture etc.



    Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Kalkar mbH
    Dr. Bruno Ketteler
    Markt 20
    47546 Kalkar
    Tel.: +49 2824 / 13-137


  • Kamp-Lintfort: Ehemaliges BenQ/Siemens-Gelände Office building, warehousing and workshops located on the commercial zone South

    The property is situated on a piece of land stretching over 100,000 m². The useable space covers 39,700 m², including 12,400 m² of office space and 27,300 m² of production hall space. The layout of the office space as well as the production, logistics and storage space can be viewed in the property owner’s exposé, which can be requested from the Kamp-Lintfort business development agency.

    • Useable space: 39,700 m²
    • Connections: Autobahns A 42, A 57, 3.8 km via the B 528
    • Allocated as commercial zone



    Stadt Kamp-Lintfort
    Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtmarketing
    Dieter Tenhaeff
    Am Rathaus 2
    47475 Kamp-Lintfort
    Tel.: +49 2842 / 912 - 301


  • Kamp-Lintfort: Technologiepark Dieprahm Working in park surroundings

    The Dieprahm business and technology park is the first choice for technology-based companies in Kamp-Lintfort. Embedded in a park landscape with direct links to the A 42 and A 57 via the B 528, the site is home to innovative technologies, modern services, science and research.
    The land on Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Straße and Marie-Curie-Straße can be apportioned flexibly and can be purchased for 19.45 Euro/m² including development. The plots are between 2,000 m² and 14,000 m² in size.

    • Allocated as commercial zone



    Stadt Kamp-Lintfort
    Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtmarketing
    Dieter Tenhaeff
    Am Rathaus 2
    47475 Kamp-Lintfort
    Tel.: +49 2842 / 912 - 301


  • Kevelaer: Gewerbefläche an der B 9 High traffic volumes

    The commercial zone with designated commercial space is conveniently located directly on the busy B 9. Approximately 9 ha is available for the settlement of companies in the fields of trade - business - services.

    • Overall size approx. 9 hectares
    • Central location directly on the B 9
    • Subplots can be individually developed
    • Connection to Autobahn A 57 and Airport Weeze / Niederrhein



    Wirtschaftsförderung Stadt Kevelaer
    Hans-Josef Bruns
    Peter-Plümpe-Platz 12
    47623 Kevelaer
    Tel.: +49 2832 / 122-212



  • Kleve: Gewerbeflächenpool Kreis Kleve Virtual industrial real estate pool creates space for companies to move in

    The towns and communities in the Kleve District have merged their industrial real estate locations into a virtual pool. Each municipality can source the required amount of space from the pool – for example, for a business site for a company. The required building permit is then secured for the company’s preferred location. This maximum real estate flexibility enables tailor-made solutions for investors and companies.

    • Individual investments with an overall allocation of 200 ha



    Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Kleve
    Hans-Josef Kuypers
    Hoffmannallee 55
    47533 Kleve
    Tel.: +49 2821 / 72 81-0


  • Kleve: Industriegebiete Kleve Nellenwardgen and Hammscher Hof

    Located in the north of Kleve, the two industrial areas accommodate a mixture of small and mid-sized commercial, wholesale, logistics and manufacturing businesses. In total, the industrial zone Nellenwardgen offers approx. 3 ha, Hammscher Hof about 14 ha ready-to-build vacant space.

    • Designated industrial zone, 24 hour shift work permitted
    • Total area: 84 ha
    • Distance to Autobahn A 3: 11 km
    • Distance to Autobahn A 57: 19 km
    • Fiber optic broadband internet



    Wirtschaft & Tourismus Stadt Kleve GmbH
    Dr. Joachim Rasch
    Minoritenplatz 2
    47533 Kleve
    Tel.: +49 2821 / 84 - 800



  • Krefeld: Bradbury Barracks Kempener Allee North-western outskirts of the city centre

    The former barracks, which are now listed buildings, will be renovated and converted into comfortable apartments. A park-like settlement structure including residential facilities, unobtrusive commercial areas and service spaces will be established in the extensive open land, surrounded by green Areas and bodies of water.

    • Plot size 119,000 m², approx, 60,000 m² living space
    • Approx. 450 residential units
    • Spaces: approx. 900 (of which approx. 300 in Underground car parks)
    • Residence, service and unobtrusive commerce
    • North-west Krefeld, direct Connection to the city centre



    Europapark Krefeld GmbH
    Dimitry Agranovitch
    San-Remo-Str. 15
    40545 Düsseldorf
    Tel.: +49 211 / 17 51 01


  • Krefeld: Businesspark Fichtenhainer Allee Potential for expansion in the south of Krefeld

    Directly situated off the Autobahn A 44, the Businesspark Fichtenhainer Allee offers ideal premises for small to mid-sized enterprises wishing to create a new business location. Bordering the trans-regionally known business park Europark Fichtenhain, the business development agency Krefeld is providing building plots from 2,600 m² for office use and non-disruptive production / manufacturing, immediately available.

    • Allocated commercial space for offices and production / manufacturing
    • Properties according to demand from 2,600 to approx. 30,000 m²
    • In part already developed



    Wirtschaftsförderung Krefeld
    Eckart Preen
    Untergath 43
    47805 Krefeld
    Tel.: +49 2151 / 82 074-0


  • Krefeld: Campus Fichtenhain Office space with a historic flair

    The historical building complex Campus Fichtenhain represents this unique part of the Businesspark Fichtenhainer Allee. Built around 1906, ten listed buildings are grouped around a spacious green area with impressive specimen trees. Offering net floor areas between 1,200 and 2,200 m² and allowing an allocation from approx. 100 m² per unit, the premises must be refurbished according to the regulations set out by the urban heritage conservation. Due to the layout, these buildings are particularly suited to service providers with office occupation.

    • Buildings between 1,200 und 2,200 m² gross floor ares
    • Listed building depreciation
    • Undeveloped land for expansion




    Wirtschaftsförderung Krefeld
    Eckart Preen
    Untergath 43
    47805 Krefeld
    Tel.: +49 2151 / 82 074-0




  • Krefeld: Fischeln - Südwest Best connections in the direction of Düsseldorf

    The development of larger residential building areas in Krefeld will be possible in the future in the southwest of Krefeld‘s suburb of Fischeln. On an area totalling approximately 23 ha it is planned to build predominantly residential buildings in the form of terraced, detached and semidetached houses. By virtue of the fact that there are excellent Connections leading to Düsseldorf via the A 44, this area offers a very good alternative for property seekers in the growth region of Düsseldorf.



    Stadt Krefeld, Geschäftsbereich VII, Planung, Bau und Gebäudemanagement
    Martin Linne
    Parkstraße 10
    47829 Krefeld
    Tel.: +49 2151 / 3660-1070





  • Krefeld: Gewerbepark Medienstraße A lucrative and sustainable capital investment

    Invest in a business park with a sustainable concept for its usage and highly suitable for use by third parties. The business park is made up of 6 units with a combination of hall space ranging from approx. 385 m² to approx. 685 m² and office space from approx. 75 m² to approx. 150 m² with a Floor to ceiling height of 7 metres. This offer closes a gap in the market for these units which are much in demand.

    • Size of plot: approx. 9,135 m²
    • Total floor space: approx. 3,885 m²
    • Initial yield: approx. 6.7 %



    Bienen & Partner Immobilien GmbH
    Norbert Bienen, Viola Albrecht
    Königsallee 61
    40215 Düsseldorf
    Tel.: +49 211 / 88 24 24 61