fleur ami: A great love for the world of gardens

The company fleur ami moved during carnival weekend 2017. This was a major logistical challenge, a mad thing to do, but it worked out perfectly. The company has swapped its old site in the Willich-Münchheide commercial zone for a new building in Tönisvorst, which was erected in record time on a – clearly visible – and vacant 20,000 square metre corner plot in the commercial zone of Höhenhöfe in St. Tönis. Relocating the stocks there within a short time was a particularly difficult challenge. After all, the company, which deals in exclusive plant containers as well as accessories and high-quality furnishings, relies on fast shipment. Online orders have to be responded to quickly. Everybody played their part.

For almost ten years, fleur ami ("plant friend") had been located in Willich. When the company first came to the Münchheide commercial zone in 2007, only one third of the warehouse was used. This increased more and more over the course of ten years until the limits were reached. The entrepreneur couple Katrin and Marco Hübecker spent a year and a half looking for a bigger plot – at first in Willich and Kempen – until an optimal offer came from Tönisvorst. Today the huge warehouse, with an area of 4,500 square metres, and the offices can be found in a prominent position at the entrance to the town. The new building, with an investment volume of more than four million euros, was planned by the Geldern firm of architects Engelbert Hanßen. In Münchheide, 3,500 pallets were housed, but the new high-bay warehouse in St. Tönis offers space for 5,000 pallets. The attraction for visitors is, above all, the generous 2,000 square-metre showroom for high-quality furniture and home accessories for the house, garden and terrace from the TINGO LIVING division of the company. In the five styles of Urban, Nordic, Country, Glamour and Freestyle, customers can see at first hand what they found interesting on the internet or in the catalogue. Behind the reception made of recycled teak, a moss wall is a particular eye-catcher. The successfully arranged items of furniture provide inspiration for visitors for their own apartment or company premises.
With this relocation to Tönisvorst they have come full circle, say Katrin and Marco Hübecker. Because the business history of the family began in 1901 in Rosenstraße in St. Tönis. That is where great-grandfather Wilhelm once grew roses, carnations and gladioli. Great-grandson Marco does not grow plants any more, but he does achieve the growth of the company with plant containers and vases, pedestals, home accessories, high-quality furnishings and designer lamps. The range is characterised by unique, unmistakable products of exceptionally good quality. Among the customers of fleur ami are professionals from the fields of commercial property greening, floristry, decoration and furnishing. The exclusive range for private homes, commercial properties such as hotels and offices as well as gardens is sold not only in Germany and Europe, but in a total of 45 countries worldwide. For furnishing the house, garden and terrace, the company's own TINGO LIVING brand also offers discerning direct customers an unmistakable range of furniture and home accessories as an online mail service. In-house in St. Tönis, customers can ask for “analogue” and personal advice in the showroom.
With its TINGO LIVING furnishing line, the company fleur ami employs about 30 people. In the company philosophy, and appropriate to the apple town of Tönisvorst, the “red apple” is the prize in a sea of green apples: exclusive design instead of run-of-the-mill mass-produced goods. The company’s own designers and product developers provide objects that are not available elsewhere – and which possess their own special look and ambience. The products are predominantly produced in Europe by selected and traditionally-operating factories. 



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Version dated: July 2017