Puffsbrause – sparkling, tingling and made in Krefeld

Puffsbrause? This needs clarifying straight away. In this case we are not talking about cheap plonk, but a premium niche product. Puffsbrause is the first sparkling wine that has been steeped in cranberries, which is why it has the colouring of a light rosé wine. The name of the wine is also quickly explained. The man behind the project is Christoff Puff from Krefeld. His sister Kathrin, who is a year younger, is an oenologist. Whilst she was working as a cellar master in Tuscany her brother came to visit her and in the evening over a glass of wine the idea was born to create Puffsbrause. What started off as an amusing idea was turned into a student project by Christoph Puff. At the time he was studying business management at the Technical University of Dortmund. Through the department for corporate management and company formation Puffsbrause became a start-up company which has long since outgrown the university. Though operating in a small niche of the market he has been trading successfully for over ten years.

Christoph Puff showed considerable courage by setting up a company in a market, which was to a large extent already saturated and dominated by large companies. He also demonstrated humour with the name of his product, by falsely and ironically associating it with cheap soft drinks. This is far from the case where this sparkling wine is concerned. Only the best Riesling wines from Rheinhessen region are chosen and the cranberries come from North America. The sparkling wine is produced in a winery in Rüdisheim that was founded over 150 years ago, making it the second oldest sparkling wine producer in the Rheingau area. The product stands for natural ingredients instead of artificial flavouring and captures new impressions of taste. Before now nobody else had used cranberries, a natural product which Puff uses, bucking the current trend of purely synthetically based alcopops. That is why the label on the bottle states “Aromatised wine based drink”, guaranteeing that it contains no chemicals. Because it is a sparkling wine no taxes are levied. After fermentation it has a low alcohol content amounting to only 7.5 percent.

Puffsbrause is not just a onetime foray into the world of wine. These days the 39 year old from Krefeld travels round the world in matters to do with wine. In his wine shop on the Gruener Dyk in Krefeld he sells wine from all over the world including Holland and Thailand or excellent sparkling wine from the United Kingdom. That is where the origins of Puffsbrause can be found. In the meantime “Puffs” is used in international markets, because “Brause” is not a word that Italians or French would understand. Christoph Puff is also active as an advisor for several trade fairs including amongst others “Pro Wein” for Messe Düsseldorf. Today Kathrin Puff is oenological director of Siam Winery in Thailand and is acclaimed as the Queen of the New Latitude Wines. In 2016 Christoph Puff showed his new product at 37 trade fairs all over the world; from Nordstil in Hamburg to Prowine in Shanghai. Everywhere Puffs or Puffsbrause not only attracted attention, but it also went down well, not just figuratively speaking! The first sip is fruity and slightly sweet before a touch of bitterness becomes noticeable. The medium dry wine joins together with the bitterness of the fruit creating a unique experience for the taste buds.

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