There is a location for you in the Niederrhein

You are looking for real estate or commercial property? Well here is a selection of current offers from our cities and districts. By narrowing down your search criterion the data base will show you the most suitable properties. We provide the name of a contact person in each case, however you are at liberty to contact us first if you prefer.

  • Dinslaken: Kreativ.Quartier.Lohberg Former coal mine at Dinslaken-Lohberg for creative minds

    The Kreativ.Quartier.Lohberg is growing. The aim is to become Germany‘s largest contiguous CO2-neutral urban quarter. Thanks to the high energy efficiency levels of the new buildings and the refurbished memorials, the new commercial zone and the new residential quarter can be supplied completely with renewable energies. The ideal location for companies from the creative industry and medium-sized businesses who appreciate a perfect infrastructure.

    • Location is the bridge to the Ruhr Area
    • Direct link to the “Netherlands Autobahn” A 3
    • Investors can participate in the planning process


    RAG Montan Immobilien
    Peter Riegel
    Im Welterbe 1-8
    45141 Essen
    Tel.: +49 201 / 378 1824


  • Dormagen: Büro- und Gewerbequartier an der A 57 Business location near CHEMPARK Dormagen

    The town of Dormagen has decided to draw up a development plan for the approx. 13 hectares of land which with its excellent location directly next to the A 57 Autobahn, has special locational advantages next to the CHEMPARK Dormagen, a traditional chemical site. There are numerous international companies
    located in this area. The town of Dormagen is planning a high-quality office district with an innovation campus.

    • Total area: 13 hectares of commercial zone
    • High-quality commercial quarter (no retail trade)
    • Available from spring 2020
    • Innovation Campus


    Stadtmarketing- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dormagen mbH (SWD)
    Michael Bison
    Unter den Hecken 70
    41539 Dormagen
    Tel.: +49 2133 / 25 74 05


  • Dormagen: Entwicklungsgebiet Silbersee 100 ha of commercial space located between Cologne and Düsseldorf

    Inter-municipal commercial zone of the cities of Dormagen and Neuss. The city of Dormagen will make its share of roughly 35 ha located in direct vicinity to the river Rhine available for commercial and industrial use on the basis of the recently adopted development plan. The development area is proposed to be connected to the Autobahn A 57 via a dedicated access road.

    • 35 ha of commercial space
    • Direct connection to the Autobahn A 57
    • Trimodal business location
    • Building right starting 2022


    Stadtmarketing- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dormagen mbH 
    Michael Bison
    Unter den Hecken 70
    41539 Dormagen
    Tel.: +49 2133 / 25 74 05


  • Emmerich am Rhein: Mona-Gewerbepark Multi-purpose – fully civilian

    The framework plan for urban development for the town Emmerich am Rhein envisages using the former barracks situated right on the B220 for charming living quarters near the woods, for mixed usage purposes and for business. About 7.6 ha are available in the (south) eastern section of the planned area to offer a new home to trade / commerce / services.

    • Connection to Autobahn A 3: 0.8 km
    • Connection to Rhein-Waal-Terminal: 2.3 km


    mona Gewerbepark GmbH
    Johannes Diks
    Luchsweg 3
    46446 Emmerich am Rhein
    Tel.: +49 171 / 44 44 744



  • Geldern: Nierspark Residential, services and business space close to the city center

    The central city location and the river meadow landscape of the river Niers are the outstanding features of this 44-hectare area. Service providers and business enterprises appreciate the charming location, the good transport links and the harmonious interaction between work, living quarters and recreation. One centre with public authorities and four company headquarters have already settled here as well as a vocational college, a child day care centre and a home for the elderly.

    • 25,000 m² climate protection housing estate gives multi and single family homes a future
    • 19,000 m² of mixed area are currently being marketed


    Stadt Geldern
    Lucas van Stephoudt, Markus Sommer
    Issumer Tor 36
    47608 Geldern
    Tel: +49 2831 / 39 84 17


  • Goch: Gewerbepark Weeze-Goch (GeWeGo) Location for industry, logistics, production

    A 47-hectare area is currently being developed as a location of importance beyond the local area for space-intensive Commercial projects and the settlement of industrial companies. This borders on the existing Goch South commercial zone and covers areas of the municipality of Weeze and the town of Goch.

    • 47 ha for space-intensive commercial and industrial settlements
    • Immediate proximity to the Autobahn A 57
    • Central location in the Kleve District between Randstad Nederland and the Rhine-Ruhr area


    Zweckverband Gewerbepark Weeze-Goch (GeWeGo)
    Rüdiger Wenzel
    Jurgensstraße 6
    47574 Goch
    Tel.: +49 2823 / 97 18 126



  • Goch: Stadtquartier Neu-See-Land Your house by the lake

    On the site of the former Reichswald barracks, the high-quality town quarter of Neu-See-Land is being constructed close to the city centre with its special residential and recreational value. A large lake, small squares and a lot of green space characterize the building area. The central area for multi-storey residential buildings on the waterside offers room for investment.

    • Approx. 120,000 m² residential building area
    • Approx. 120,000 m² green areas
    • Approx. 20,000 m² water surface


    GO! - Die Gocher Stadtentwicklungs-
    gesellschaft mbH - Wirtschaftsförderung
    Jürgenstr. 6
    47574 Goch
    Tel.: +49 28 23 / 97 18 500



  • Issum: Gewerbegebiet "Am Schankweiler" Optimal location for the Ruhr Area and the Netherlands

    So much room for your ideas! Approx. 18,000 m² of prime commercial space right on Bundesstraße 58 with Autobahn 57 within easy reach. Ideal space for trade and commerce, and for businesses that want to be seen.

    • Size: 18,000 m²
    • Surface areas possible from 3,000 m2 to 10,000 m2
    • Broadband connection
    • Car frequency of about 12,000 per day


    Gemeindeverwaltung Issum, Wirtschaftsförderung
    Franz-Josef Hüls
    Herrlichkeit 7-9
    47661 Issum
    Tel.: +49 2835 / 10 90


  • Issum: Moderne Gewebeimmobilie in Issum Hall and office space for rent

    A modern business property with good transport connections and flexible options for use is available in Issum. The building consists of two high-quality building parts and four halls. The building parts and halls can also be used separately. The office and social spaces comprise a total of 1,123 m² and the production and storage areas provide a total of 4,612 m² of space. In addition, the property features outdoor space, some of which is covered, comprising 5,628 m².

    • Connection to the A57: 6 km
    • Journey time to Duisburg Port: approx. 30 mins
    • Journey time to Düsseldorf Airport: approx. 45 mins
    • Business property has various cranes (5–8 t) and a painting booth


    Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Kleve
    Hans-Josef Kuypers
    Hoffmannallee 55
    47533 Kleve
    Tel.: +49 2821 / 72 81 0


  • Kaarst: Gewerbegebiet Kaarst-Ost Representative space with ideal transport connections

    The approx. 37,000 m² former IKEA site is superbly connected, can be flexibly sub-divided, and is available immediately. The results of a Master Plan process guarantee an optical and functional upgrading of the public space. The site offers an ideal environment for prestigious business establishments.

    • 3,7 ha of commercial space in a representative location
    • Available immediately
    • Connection to the Autobahn
    • Metro rail station within walking distance


    Stadt Kaarst - Wirtschaftsförderung
    Verena Philipsen, Christoph Schnier
    Am Neumarkt 2
    41564 Kaarst
    Tel.: +49 2131 / 987 421


  • Kaarst: Gewerbepark Kaarster Kreuz Attractive commercial site in a prime location

    The commercial zone Kaarster Kreuz is located in direct neighbourhood to the new IKEA flagship project “More Sustainable Store” and is currently being extended. The first extension stage will make approximately 10 ha of commercial land with flexible options for sub-division available to interested businesses. The development places a special focus on the notion of sustainability. A high quality of stay, gastronomic offers and efficient public transport connections are among the special qualities of the location.

    • 10 ha of commercial space (1st extension stage)
    • Flexible options for subdivision from 1.800 m² – 35,000 m²
    • Direct connection to the Autobahn A 57
    • Available immediately


    Stadt Kaarst - Wirtschaftsförderung
    Verena Philipsen, Christoph Schnier
    Am Neumarkt 2
    41564 Kaarst
    Tel.: +49 2131 / 98 74 21


  • Kalkar: Burg Boetzelaer Hotel investor / operator wanted

    Burg Boetzelaer, which is over 760 years old and protected as a historical monument, is one of the oldest and most important moated castles in the German-Dutch border area and is looking for an investor. The location is fully developed and allows the building to be extended as a hotel from 20 to 120 beds, including full catering and the necessary ancillary facilities and parking spaces. The castle is located at the historic edge of the village and is easily accessible between A3 and A57 as well as B57 and B67

    • The preliminary planning for 120 beds has already been agreed with the monument authorities.
    • An approved preliminary notice from the District of Kleve for an additional 100 beds plus full catering has been provided.


    Burg Boetzelaer
    Maximilian Freiherr von Wendt
    Reeser Straße 247
    47546 Kalkar
    Tel.: +49 28 24 / 97 79 90


  • Kalkar: Gewerbepark Kalkar-Kehrum Industry and business in a green space

    The Kalkar-Kehrum industrial park is intended to attract companies from the food, metal and construction, vehicle construction, health, horticulture, etc. sectors. The modern business and start-up center with 24 offices, eight halls, seminar rooms and bistro is located in the area. The area is fully developed and has been designated as a commercial and industrial area.

    • Transport connections: Autobahns A 3 and A 57, airports Düsseldorf and Weeze
    • Markets: Ruhr area and Netherlands


    Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Kalkar mbH
    Dr. Bruno Ketteler
    Markt 20
    47546 Kalkar
    Tel.: +49 2824 / 13 137

  • Kamp-Lintfort: Technologiepark Dieprahm Working in park surroundings

    The Dieprahm business and technology park is the first choice for technology-based companies in Kamp-Lintfort. Embedded in a park landscape with direct links to the A42 and A57 via the B528, the site is home to innovative technologies, modern services, science and research.

    • Allocated as commercial zone
    • Plot sizes: 2,000 - 14,000 m²
    • Price: 19.45 €/m² including development



    Stadt Kamp-Lintfort
    Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtmarketing
    Dieter Tenhaeff
    Am Rathaus 2
    47475 Kamp-Lintfort
    Tel.: +49 2842 / 91 23 01


  • Kleve: Industriegebiete Kleve Nellenwardgen and Hammscher Hof

    Located in the north of Kleve, the two industrial areas accommodate a mixture of small and mid-sized commercial, wholesale, logistics and manufacturing businesses. In total, the industrial zone Nellenwardgen offers approx. 8,000 m², Hammscher Hof about 1.2 ha ready-to-build vacant space.

    • Designated industrial zone, 24 hour shift work permitted
    • Total area: 84 ha
    • Distance to Autobahn A 3: 11 km
    • Distance to Autobahn A 57: 19 km
    • Fiber optic broadband internet


    Wirtschaft & Tourismus Stadt Kleve GmbH
    Dr. Joachim Rasch
    Minoritenplatz 2
    47533 Kleve
    Tel.: +49 2821 / 84 800