Water, Woods, Wildlife – that’s the WWW for the Niederrhein region. But this flat region also has soaring landscapes to offer; the Hinsbeck (in Nettetal) and Sonsbeck (near the Alps) mountain ranges. You can also dive into the depths here, in the Blue Lagoon near Wachtendonk or the SouthSeas in Xanten.

The Niederrhein region has a very diverse beyond its towns and villages too. It has a great deal to offer and is hence becoming more and more popular as atouristic destination for people on day trips, short vacations and business trips.

The approx. 500 accommodation facilities in the region have certainly noticed this rising popularity. Every year they fill up their 24,000 beds with more than three million overnight stays; the average length of stay of the guests is two days. Incidentally, the 200,000 Arctic wild geese that regularly spend the winter in the “Düffelt” meadows along the Rhine near Kranenburg – also a magnet for tourists – stay for several weeks at a time.

Tourism has developed into an important economic sector in the Niederrhein region in the last few years with a net added value far beyond the billion euro mark. Focused marketing activities by the region in cooperation with the individual tourism stakeholders, amongst other things, has contributed to this upwards trend. Niederrhein Tourismus GmbH, for example, in which Niederrhein municipalities have joined forces, is working on professionalizing the sector internally and externally. One of the main areas is cycling tourism. The ADAC, actually the favourite of car drivers, puts the Niederrhein among the top ten cycling landscapes in Germany.

The reservation portal “2-Land-Reisen“, a cross-border joint project by German and Dutch municipalities, has even devoted itself entirely to cycling holiday tourism. It organizes an extremely diverse selection of bike tours between the Maas and the Rhine. Whether culture or cuisine, nature or sport – the portal has the right cycling idea for every requirement and every level of difficulty and allows tourists to get to know the diverse cultural landscape in the Niederrhein region – with its meadows, lakes and woods, its natural parks, picturesque villages, churches and castles.

Niederrhein.de is the new site for travellers who want to visit the Niederrhein, for people who search for activities and for everybody interested in the Niederrhein Region. No matter whether you are interested at art and culture or history and information about the cities - find out further details on accommodation, hotels, restaurants, points of interest, check the eventcalendar or latest “Niederrhein-Top-Deals” supporting your next visit to the region.

The tourism initiatives in the Niederrhein region are part of the master plan for tourism in North Rhine-Westphalia, which the state has drawn up together with its regions and service providers as it prepares to become a modern tourism destination. The central aims of the master plan include clear new organization structures, a new definition of the political value, and, above all, the creation of a travel destination visible nationally and internationally with innovative, target-group-oriented offers.

One of the milestones in the implementation of the master plan is the launch of a new B2B Internet portal. Tourismus NRW e.V. offers all its members, partners, tourism stakeholders and companies in the state a high-grade platform with access to important information, facts and figures in the industry. The portal also aims to connect all the tourism stakeholders in the state, to promote a dialogue among them and to strengthen networking in the industry. Tourism in the Niederrhein region has arrived at Tourism 2.0 with very promising prospects.

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